The Royal Mounds

Some of the most exclusive graves in Sweden
The burial mounds.

There were once many more graves in Old Uppsala than are visible today. Many were ploughed over when the old burial grounds were put into use for farming.Others have been used as gravel pits.

Estimations of how many people were laid to rest here run into thousands.

About 1400 years ago the three royal mounds were raised; The West Mound, The Middle Mound and the East Mound. They were built on the terminal moraine, or esker, and to make them loom even higher the areas between them was dug out.

The kings of the Ynglinga line

According to the Ynglinga saga the kings Aun, Egil and Adils were buried in Old Uppsala. One interpretation is that these are buried in the three great mounds.

They belonged to the Ynglinga line which, if the Icelandic sagas are to be believed, was established in Old Uppsala in the late 5th century.

The term “The Ynglinga line” is derived from the fertility god Freyr, also known as Yngve-Freyr. The kings meant they were descended from him. That three kings were buried in the royal mounds has never been confirmed.

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