Old Uppsala Church

The church in Old Uppsala.

The church at Old Uppsala stands on a man-made terrace previously containing several buildings.

Under parts of the church remains of buildings in the form of large boulders and postholes have been found. Some have interpreted the remains as belonging to the temple described by Adam of Bremen at the end of the 11th century.

It can also be remains of a grand hall where the people met for ritual ceremonies. Also it is possible that a wooden church has stood on the site before the present stone church was erected.

Today only half remains of the grand three-aisle cathedral which began to be built in the mid-12th century. After a devastating fire in the 1240s the transepts and nave were demolished, leaving only the central tower, chancel and apse standing.

The cathedral was demoted to parish church after 1273 when the episcopal see was moved to present-day Uppsala, at the time known as Östra Aros.

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